(PDF DOWNLOAD) Shark Super Powers

(PDF DOWNLOAD) Shark Super Powers

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Publisher: UCLan Publishing
Genres: Wildlife Books, Coming Soon
Authors: ,
ISBN10: 1912979160
ISBN13: 9781912979165
Tags: Free Download, PDF Download, Wildlife Books
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Type: Digital
We all know about the Great White, but did you know about the shark that can glow in the dark? Or the one that can trump to lose buoyancy?Full of photographs, scientific diagrams and illustrations, Shark Super Powers is the perfect guide for any shark fanatic.Dive right in with marine biologists Jillian and Duncan as they take you into the depths of the ocean. There you'll discover all sorts of weird and wonderful sharks you perhaps didn't know existed. Learn all about these amazing creatures and their extraordinary super powers.


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