(PDF DOWNLOAD) Eight Dates by John Gottman

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Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited
Genres: Family & Relationships, Assertiveness, Motivation & Self-esteem, Mind, Body, Spirit: Thought & Practice
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Pages: 240 pages
ISBN10: 0241988357
ISBN13: 9780241988350
Tags: Assertiveness, Motivation & Self-esteem, Mind, Body, Spirit: Thought & Practice, Family & Relationships, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
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What really makes a relationship work? How can we stay interested in our partner for ever? How can we be happier in our marriage?

Doctors John and Julie Gottman have spent over three decades studying the habits of 3000 couples. Within 10 minutes of meeting a couple, they can predict who will stay happily together or who will split up, with 94% accuracy. Based on their findings, they have now created an easy series of eight dates - spanning commitment; trust; conflict; intimacy; sex; fun; work; money; and family values - that will lead to a happier, lasting love life.

Eight Datesdraws on rigorous scientific and psychological research about how we fall in love using case studies of real-life couples whose relationships have improved after committing time to each other and following the dates. Full of innovative exercises and conversation starters to explore ways to deepen each aspect of the relationship, Eight Datesis an essential resource that makes a relationship fulfilling.


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