Gentle Discipline by Sarah Ockwell-Smith Free Download

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Publisher: Penguin
Genres: Advice On Parenting, Family & Relationships, Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Care, Child Care & Upbringing
Pages: 272 pages
ISBN10: 0143131893
ISBN13: 9780143131892
Tags: Advice On Parenting, Family & Relationships, Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Care, Child Care & Upbringing, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
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As seen in the New York Times -- a practical guide that presents an alternative to shouting, shaming, and blaming--to give kids the skills they need to grow and thrive

Discipline is an essential part of raising happy and successful kids, but as more and more parents are discovering, conventional approaches often don't work, and can even lead to more frustration, resentment, power struggles, and shame.

Enter Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a popular parenting expert who believes there's a better way. Citing the latest research in child development, psychology and neuroscience, Gentle Discipline debunks common myths about punishments, rewards, the "naughty chair," and more, and presents practical, connection-based techniques that really work--and that bring parents and kids closer together instead of driving then apart. Topics include:

Setting--and enforcing--boundaries and limits with compassion and respect
Focusing on connection and positivity instead of negative consequences
Working with teachers and other caregivers
Breaking the cycle of shaming and blaming

Filled with ideas to try today, Gentle Discipline helps parents of toddlers as well as school-age kids embrace a new, more enlightened way to help kids listen, learn and grow.


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