High Output Management Free Download

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Publisher: Vintage
Genres: Entrepreneurship Books, Management & Management Techniques, Organizational Theory & Behaviour
Pages: 243 pages
ISBN10: 0679762884
ISBN13: 9780679762881
Tags: Entrepreneurship Books, Management & Management Techniques, Organizational Theory & Behaviour, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: PDF
This is a user-friendly guide to the art and science of management from Andrew S. Grove, the president of America's leading manufacturer of computer chips. Groves recommendations are equally appropriate for sales managers, accountants, consultants, and teachers--anyone whose job entails getting a group of people to produce something of value. Adapting the innovations that have made Intel one of America's most successful corporations, High Output Management teaches you:
what techniques and indicators you can use to make even corporate recruiting as precise and measurable as manufacturing
how to turn your subordinates and coworkers into members of highly productive team
how to motivate that team to attain peak performance every time
Combining conceptual elegance with a practical understanding of the real-life scenarios that managers encounter every day, High Output Management is one of those rare books that have the power to revolutionize the way we work


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