Undisputed Truth : My Autobiography Free Download

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Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Genres: Autobiography: Sport, Boxing Books
Authors: ,
Pages: 368 pages
ISBN10: 0399161287
ISBN13: 9780007502530
Tags: Autobiography: Sport, Boxing Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital
One of the most talked-about and bestselling books of last year, this is the no-holds-barred autobiography of a sporting legend driven to the brink of self-destruction

The bestseller that has everyone talking.
In this, his first, autobiography, 'Iron' Mike Tyson pulls no punches and lays bare the story of his remarkable life and career. Co-written with Larry Sloman, author of Antony Keidis's best-selling memoir 'Scar Tissue', this is a visceral, and unputdown-able story of a man born and raised to brutality, who reached the heights of stardom before falling to crime, substance abuse and infamy.
Full of all the controversy and complexity that you would expect from a man who delighted as much as he shocked, this is a book that will surprise and reveals a fascinating character beneath the exterior of violence.
If you think you know all about Mike Tyson, read this book and think again.


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