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Table of contents

Preface xi

I. First Elements of French 1. Nouns, Articles, and Descriptive AdjectivesGender and Number of Nouns and Articles The Definite Article Masculine Nouns Feminine Nouns Masculine and Feminine Articles Before a Vowel Sound or Mute h Singular Nouns and the Definite Article Learning the Gender of Nouns The Indefinite Article Masculine Nouns Feminine Nouns Plural Nouns Pronouncing the Plural Descriptive Adjectives Agreement of Adjectives in Gender and Number Adjectives of Color Adjectives That Precede the Noun Key Vocabulary Les adjectifs descriptifs (Descriptive Adjectives)Les cou/eurs (Colors) Key Vocabulary Les nationalities (Nationanlities)

2. The Verbs etre and avoir, Subject Pronouns, and Negation The VerbsThe Verbs etre (to be) and avoir (to have) Etre and Subject Pronouns Subject Pronouns Uses of Etre Expressions with Etre Key Vocabulary

Conjonctions. quafificatifs. et adverbes (Conjunctions, Qualifiers, and Adverbs) Negation with ne ... pas The Verb avoir (to have) Ne ..* pas de ... with avoir If y a ... (There is ... , There are ... ) Expressions with avoir Key Vocabulary La maison (The House) Reading Comprehension: La maison de Jean-Pierre

3.Days and Months, Regular -er Vel"bs in the Pl"eSent Tense, and InterrogativesDays of the Week, Months, and Seasons

Les jours de la semaine(Days of the Week)

Les mois de I'annee(Months of the Year)

Les saisons (Seasons)

Les parties du jour(Parts of the Day) Regular Verbs in the Present TenseConjugating Regular -er Verbs Uses of the Present Tense Interrogatives and Interrogative Words Yes/No QuestionsInformation Questions Key Vocabulary

Noms mascu/ins (Masculine Nouns) Noms feminins (Feminine Noun~) Adjectifs(Adjectives) Conjonctions(Conjunctions) Reading Comprehension: Une petite ville en province 4 Numbers, Dates, and Time and Regular -ir Verbs in the Present Tense Cardinal Numbers Numbers from 0 to 99 Numbers from 100 Ordinal Numbers The Date and the YearTelling Time Regular -if Verbs in the Present TenseKey Vocabulary Les magas;ns et les commerces (Stores and Businesses)Key Vocabulary Les repas et Jes provisions(Meals and Groceries)Reading Comprehension: Au restaurant.


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