The Secret History Free Download

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Publisher: Penguin
Genres: Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 659 pages
ISBN10: 0140167773
ISBN13: 9780140167771
Tags: Contemporary Fiction, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital

A haunting, compelling, and brilliant piece of fiction ... Packed with literary allusion and told with a sophistication and texture that owes much more to the nineteenth century than to the twentieth * The Times * Brilliant and compulsive * Evening Standard * Takes my breath away -- Ruth Rendell Donna Tartt is an amazingly good writer. She's dense, she's allusive. She's a gorgeous storyteller -- Stephen King A huge, mesmerizing, galloping read * Vanity Fair * So irresistible and seductive it's almost a guilty pleasure * Guardian * The Secret History succeeds magnificently ... A remarkably powerful novel [and] a ferociously well-paced entertainment ... Forceful, cerebral, and impeccably controlled * New York Times *.


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Journey Horeis Apr 28, 2023
i like this book so far. Got really gay at one part tho, I think they need to tell you at the start so I look forward to something. Anyways, we can all agree that Francois is best boi. I know it's Francis, but that one time they say Francois was funny to me. Really had so sexual tension with Richard. What a dumb name: Richard. It should be Poorard because he is not rich.