Into the Woods Free Download

Into the Woods Free Download

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Publisher: Penguin Books
Genres: Film Scripts & Screenplays
Pages: 309 pages
ISBN10: 0141978104
ISBN13: 9780141978109
Tags: Film Scripts & Screenplays, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
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Of all the books I've read about story construction and the art of fiction, this one is the most comprehensive and concise -- John Collee, writer on 'Master And Commander', 'Happy Feet', 'Creation', 'Walking With Dinosaurs' Probably, in the hackneyed phrase, "the last book on screenwriting you'll ever need." He is very good at debunking the claims of some screenwriting gurus, all of whom are busy trying to sell you their own particular brand of snake oil. It's truly excellent -- Tim Adler * Daily Telegraph * [John Yorke's] writing book is arguably possibly almost as good as mine, all right it's loads better shut up -- David Quantick, Author of HOW TO WRITE EVERYTHING I absolutely love this book. It's incredible and so well written. I keep trying to find fault but so far no joy - It's so good -- Matt Charman, writer Bridge of Spies (dir Stephen Spielberg); Black Work (ITV) Yorke is aware that the world is not suffering for lack of prescriptive screenwriting manuals. Instead, with Into the Woods, he takes a scalpel to narrative structure - dissecting protagonist, antagonist, inciting incident, crisis and so on - before asking how and why this underlying shape still holds audiences spellbound like a fairytale witch. "A story is like a magnet dragged through randomness," Yorke writes, but while he elegantly untangles the deepest roots of storytelling, he also honours the human need for truth and sense with some more superficial questions: why do series tend to "jump the shark" round about season three, for example, or why is clunky exposition - particularly in medical dramas - so appallingly comical? Sit comfortably, then begin * Guardian * Highly recommended reading * Huffington Post * I'm only 70 pages into John Yorke's Into the Woods but it's already helped me crack two stories -- Andy Diggle, former editor of 2000AD, comic book writer for Marvel, DC Not How 2 Write them but how stories work. John Yorke's Into the Woods: A 5 Act Journey into Story is brilliant, illuminates & explains -- Susan Hill, Author, The Woman In Black, I'm The King Of The Castle It's a great read. It makes me smile and say 'Yes!' aloud. Only this and PG Wodehouse do that -- Lucy Gannon, writer/creator of Soldier Soldier, Peak Practice, Frankie, The Best Of Men Terrific . . . It's a great read, wise and cogent, and a must for all screenwriters -- David Eldridge, writer of Festen and In Basildon Its strength is Yorke's acute perception of the wellsprings of universal narrative structures relevant to all artistic activities * The Times * There is no end of books that instruct us on how to write the perfect screenplay, but few that delve more deeply into the art of storytelling than this erudite volume * Financial Times * Into The Woods is brilliant. One of the best books on script writing out there . . . I loved the book. Inspiring -- Dominic Mitchell, creator and writer of In The Flesh Love storytelling? You need this inspiring book. John Yorke dissects the structure of stories with a joyous enthusiasm allied to precise, encyclopaedic knowledge. Guaranteed to send you back to your writing desk with newfound excitement and drive -- Chris Chibnall, creator and writer of Broadchurch and The Great Train Robbery Into The Woods is utterly brilliant -- Ed Cumming * Daily Telegraph *.


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