The Shining by Stephen King Free Download

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Publisher: Anchor Books
Genres: Thrillers Books
Pages: 659 pages
ISBN10: 0307743659
ISBN13: 9780307743657
Tags: Thrillers Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital
"A master storyteller." --Los Angeles Times "Scary! . . . Serves up horrors at a brisk, unflagging pace." --The New York Times "This chilling novel will haunt you, and make your blood run cold and your heart race with fear." --Nashville Banner "Guaranteed to frighten you into fits. . . . with a climax that is literally explosive." --Cosmopolitan "The most wonderfully gruesome man on the planet." --USA Today

"An undisputed master of suspense and terror." --The Washington Post

"[King] probably knows more about scary goings-on in confined, isolated places than anybody since Edgar Allan Poe." --Entertainment Weekly

"He's the author who can always make the improbable so scary you'll feel compelled to check the locks on the front door." --The Boston Globe

"Peerless imagination." --The Observer (London).


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