The Vanishing Half Free Download

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Publisher: Penguin
Genres: Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 352 pages
ISBN10: 0525536299
ISBN13: 9780349701462
Tags: Contemporary Fiction, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital

This book has everything: enticing plot, memorable characters and beautiful, melodic writing -- Books of the Year * Prima * An engrossing, provocative read exploring themes of family, relationships and race -- Books of the Year * Express * Mesmerising . . . the powerful plot twists in the novel, which concludes in 1986, will keep you gripped until the

end * Independent * I loved Bennett's rich elegant prose * Evening Standard * The year's most addictive novel * Metro * It has the ideal mix of social commentary and a pacy plot - I tore through it in a couple of days * The i * A stunning family saga about passing for white and the hollowness of the American dream that won her comparisons to Toni Morrison * Guardian * Old-fashioned epic meets modern identity politics in this excellent novel about the mixed fortunes of light-skinned black twins born in 1950s Louisiana * Telegraph * One of the most engaging books of the year * The i * Moving back and forth over three decades, and the course of an intricately detailed plot, Bennett's superb novel takes the issue of race as the starting point for a deep exploration of identity * Financial Times * I loved how Bennett explores the concepts of belonging and family * Cosmopolitan * Bennett tells the story of the girls' diverging trajectories in rich, elegant prose; you can literally swirl the words in your mouth * Evening Standard * Arguably the book of the summer, Bennett's second novel is a page-turning saga of race and family * The i * Bennett imbues her characters with immense heart, and does a great job of depicting their lives through the years. Even better, she works hard to draw resonances throughout her thoughtful and compassionate tale, looking at the dubious history of the Vignes girls' lineage, as well as the difficulties and struggles of their children as they stride forward into the world.

There is a simple lyrical quality to Bennett's prose that evokes an entire place and time in just a few well-balanced sentences, and the way she treats all her characters with respect and care makes The Vanishing Half an engaging and thought-provoking read on every level * Big Issue * The intricacies of identity, of "shadeism" between differently skin-toned African-Americans, of white privilege are skilfully

pursued in this poignant and clever multigenerational saga about race in America * The Times * A thought-provoking read about identity and gender -- Zoe West * Women's Weekly * A gorgeously rich, sweeping saga * Evening Standard * Bennett has been described as a successor to the likes of Toni Morrison and Zora Neale Hurston, and The Vanishing Half promises an absorbing exploration of race, family and the American history of "passing" -- Refinery29 An absorbing read that stays with you long after you've closed its pages * Herald * A triumph of empathetic storytelling . . . A terrific novel -- Claire Allfree * Daily Mail * Epic and unforgettable * Hello! * Beautifully written * Bella * It's intensely emotional and gorgeously written, with timely insights into the poison of racism * Sunday Mirror *.


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