Midnight in Chernobyl Free Download

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Publisher: Black Swan/Carousel/Corgi
Genres: General & World History, History: Specific Events & Topics
Pages: 538 pages
ISBN10: 0552172898
ISBN13: 9780552172899
Tags: General & World History, History: Specific Events & Topics, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Type: Digital
Adam Higginbotham uses all of the techniques of the top-notch longform journalist to full effect. He swoops us into the heart of the catastrophe. * The Guardian * Higginbotham tells the story of the disaster and its gruesome aftermath with thriller-like flair. Midnight in Chernobyl is wonderful and chilling ... written with skill and passion. A tale of hubris and doomed ambition. * The Observer * Reads like a thriller: forensic, compelling and utterly terrifying. * Mail on Sunday * An invaluable contribution to history... tells a compelling story exceptionally well. -- Serhii Plokhy * Evening Standard * Superb, enthralling and necessarily terrifying . . . the accident unfurls with a horrible inevitability. Weaving together the experiences of those who were there that night, Higginbotham marshals the details so meticulously that every step feels spring-loaded with tension. . . . Amid so much rich reporting and scrupulous analysis, some major themes emerge. . . . Higginbotham's extraordinary book is another advance in the long struggle to fill in some of the gaps, bringing much of what was hidden into the light. * New York Times *.


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