When the Body Says No Free Download

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Publisher: Ebury Publishing
Genres: Popular Medicine & Health, Coping With Stress
Pages: 320 pages
ISBN13: 9781785042225
Language: en
Type: Digital

An insightful read that makes you realise that without your health nothing really matters * The Sun * His medical background and lucid writing style make complex biological processes accessible to non-scientific readers * The Gazette (Montreal) * Rare and refreshing. . . . Here you will find family stories, an accessible description of brain development and sound information. You will also find hope * Globe and Mail * Gabor Mate's connections-between the intensely personal and the global, the spiritual and the medical, the psychological and the political-are bold, wise and deeply moral. He is a healer to be cherished * Naomi Klein, author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine *.


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Branka Ljubojevic Jan 15, 2022
I was told this book will help me understand my life but also the lives of people around me. I hope to have chance to read it.
Colleen Bateman Sep 17, 2021
This book will open your eyes to the life we allow ourselves to experience. A book for being commander of your destiny. I only wish I had read this before I allowed stress & pain to take over my life.