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Publisher: PuddleDancer Press
Genres: Communication Studies, Social, Group Or Collective Psychology, Popular Psychology
Pages: 244 pages
ISBN10: 1892005281
ISBN13: 9781892005281
Tags: Communication Studies, Social, Group Or Collective Psychology, Popular Psychology, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: PDF
2,000,000 COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE; TRANSLATED IN MORE THAN 35 LANGUAGES What is Violent Communication? If "violent" means acting in ways that result in hurt or harm, then much of how we communicate --judging others, bullying, having racial bias, blaming, finger pointing, discriminating, speaking without listening, criticizing others or ourselves, name-calling, reacting when angry, using political rhetoric, being defensive or judging who's "good/bad" or what's "right/wrong" with people-- could indeed be called "violent communication." What is Nonviolent Communication? Nonviolent Communication is the integration of four things: ; Consciousness: a set of principles that support living a life of compassion, collaboration, courage, and authenticity ; Language: understanding how words contribute to connection or distance ; Communication: knowing how to ask for what we want, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions that work for all ; Means of influence: sharing "power with others" rather than using "power over others" Nonviolent Communication serves our desire to do three things: ; Increase our ability to live with choice, meaning, and connection ; Connect empathically with self and others to have more satisfying relationships ; Sharing of resources so everyone is able to benefit


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Amitabh Bachan Sep 19, 2023
excited to read the book
Afrin Aktar Aug 08, 2023
Very effective book for human relationship maintenance. With the unconscious mind, we do judge, blaming others, sometimes myself, with a minor issues we do quarrel. This NVC approach can reduce the day to day misunderstanding of human relationship and also can make a respectful culture and norms in the society.
Foroogh Museli Oct 16, 2022
I am so excited about reading this book. It is so generous to allow such a book to be available to all. I am sure the wisdom in this book will help make me a better life coach. May his soul rest in peace.
Orquidea Rafael May 24, 2022
Incredible book! Teaches a lot!!!
Kamran Apr 08, 2022
Yes PDF May 08, 2021
Nice book and easy download, thank you.