The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan Free Download

The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan Free Download

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Publisher: Regan Arts.
Genres: Nonfiction Books, Finance Books
Pages: 208 pages
ISBN10: 1682450570
ISBN13: 9781682450574
Tags: Nonfiction Books, Finance Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: PDF
From The Financial Diet blog, the hugely popular website that inspires over a million women a month to talk about money, comes a beautifully designed, smart, and practical step-by-step guide for how you can save, spend, date, dress, decorate, and dream your way to your best financial life.

In 2014, a frustrated Chelsea Fagan started a blog about how she was bad with money and determined to take charge of her life. She called it The Financial Diet because she didn’t want to keep treating her financial health the way she was treating her body—by eating an entire bag of jalapeño kettle chips at night and then wondering why she felt terrible the next morning.

Today, the blog has grown into a vibrant web community—one where money is finally interesting to talk about. The Financial Diet will be a savvy older sister, a trusted friend, and the girl at the office who always seems to have her sh*t together. It also brings in money experts who really know their stuff to help you make the best choices for your financial health.

The Financial Diet gives you tools to make a budget, consider investments, and deal with your credit. But, The Financial Diet also understands that being smarter with money isn’t just about what you put in the bank; it’s about everything from the clothes you put in your closet to the food you put in your kitchen (instead of ordering in . . . again). The book includes quick and cheap recipes, tricks to give your wardrobe longevity, and affordable DIY projects for your home. It also tackles how happiness and love relate to financial success, gives you tips about negotiating a raise, and shares the perfect cocktail recipe to celebrate your new salary.

The Financial Diet is the only diet that works—it will cut the junk out of your life and your wallet, get your finances in shape, and empower you to want to talk about money as much as you want to talk about sex. Beautifully designed, and full of relatable humor, The Financial Diet takes everything that makes the site a unique destination and turns it into the book every smart, successful woman has to have on her shelf.


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