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Publisher: Harlequin
Genres: Finance Books, Nonfiction Books, Self Help Books
Pages: 372 pages
ISBN10: 0373893175
ISBN13: 9780373893171
Tags: Finance Books, Nonfiction Books, Self Help Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: PDF
Talking about money sucks; but so does being broke. Do your eyes glaze over just thinking about the mumbo-jumbo of finance? Do you break out into hives at the thought of money? Well, sister, you are not alone. In RICH BITCH, money expert and financial journalist Nicole Lapin lays out a 12-Step Plan in which she shares her experiences, mistakes and all, of getting her own finances in order. No lecturing, just help from a friend. And even though money is typically an off-limits conversation, nothing is off-limits here. Lapin rethinks every piece of financial wisdom you've ever heard and puts her own fresh, modern, sassy spin on it. Sure, there are some hard-and-fast rules about finance, but when it comes to your money, the only person who can spend it is you. Should you invest in a 401(k)? Maybe not. Should you splurge on that morning latte? Likely yes. Instead of nickel-and-diming yourself, Nicole's advice focuses on investing in yourself so you don't have to stress over the little things. But, in order to do that you have to be able to speak the language of money. After all, money is a language like anything else, and the sooner you can join the conversation, the sooner you can live the life you want, RICH BITCH rehabs whatever bad habits you might have and provides a plan you can not only sustain, but thrive with. It's time to go after the rich life you deserve, and confident enough to call yourself a RICH BITCH.

"You might not know this but stressing over money can harm your overall health. Let Nicole be the doctor for your financial health and you will feel better in more ways that you'd think."
--Dr. Oz, host of the Dr. Oz Show, and Lisa Oz, host of the Lisa Oz Show

"RICH BITCH should be mandatory reading for every young professional woman who wants to take control of her financial destiny. Lapin provides unfiltered, brilliant advice to a generation of women taking aim at their own success and wealth."
--Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN

"Nicole's advice is a swift kick in the pants to the young, ambitious, upstart women out there who want control over their lives, debts, and careers."
--Wendy Williams, host of The Wendy Williams Show

"RICH BITCH is the manual for a new generation of women who want both job stability and financial peace of mind."
--Stacy London, host of TLC's "What Not to Wear"

"Nicole does a fabulous job educating people about money while always keeping it fun and entertaining."
--Alexis Maybank, co-Founder of Gilt Groupe

"Lapin's unfiltered, energetic advice speaks to anyone taking aim at their own career destiny."
--Mike Perlis, CEO of Forbes

"RICH BITCH is essential reading for 21st century women wanting to rise to the top of the economic ladder. Everything that you need to know is in here, all of it said with the wit and confidence we've come to expect from Nicole."
--Rebecca Taylor, designer.


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