The Amendment (The Arrangement #2) Free Download

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Publisher: Kiersten Modglin
Genres: Thrillers Books, Fiction Books, Mystery Books
Pages: 244 pages
ISBN10: 1956538216
ISBN13: 9781956538212
Tags: Thrillers Books, Fiction Books, Mystery Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: PDF

The dark, scandalous, and completely twisted sequel to Kiersten Modglin's #1 bestselling domestic thriller, THE ARRANGEMENT...

First, there was the arrangement.

A simple, yet salacious fix to the problems looming in their marriage.

But when things took a tragic turn, Peter's and Ainsley's lives quickly fell into disarray.

Now, their secrets have been exposed.

They know the truth-about each other and their marriage.

As they struggle to move on from their past and the damage they've caused, new problems begin to surface.

Someone they love is hiding a catastrophic secret. The fragile ground they stand on is starting to crumble. Their family is being torn apart at the seams. And, maybe worst of all, a threat from the past is lurking, ready to unveil the things they'd kill to keep hidden.

They thought the nightmare they'd made it through was over, but the worst is just beginning...

Once, they vowed to do anything to make their marriage work.

Now, that vow will push every boundary they have left.

In order to survive, they'll need to completely trust each other.

But can they?

Last time they did, things went terribly wrong...

This time, it might be worse.

If there's one thing that's certain, their secrets are too big to let anyone walk away alive.


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