Super Sick Free Download

Super Sick Free Download

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Publisher: Mythos & Ink
Genres: Popular Medicine & Health, Coping With Illness, Children's Health Books, Coming Soon
Pages: 228 pages
ISBN10: 1989423116
ISBN13: 9781989423110
Tags: Popular Medicine & Health, Coping With Illness, Children's Health Books, Free Download, PDF Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: PDF

Superheroes aren't sick.

This has been Allison Alexander's observation, anyway. They don't lie in bed all day because they're in too much pain to get up. They don't face the challenges of the chronically ill--difficulties that include socially inappropriate topics like mental illness, sex, and diarrhea. The latter, of course, would be exponentially worse in a spandex suit.

Alexander, who has struggled with a chronic illness since she was a child, wants to see herself in her heroes and uses examples from pop culture to demonstrate how sick characters should be portrayed in fiction. Weaving her own painful experiences with stories from other chronic sufferers, Alexander explores the various challenges of living with a never-ending illness. She engages with how society values healthiness, how doctors don't always have answers, and how faith, friendship, and romance add pressure to already complicated situations.


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